Animo Tea  Blend (2 oz.)

Animo Tea Blend (2 oz.)

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Animo Tea Blend

During my recent and first trip to the Motherland, Guatemala, I met my family for the very first time. The journey was joyous, healing and medicinal in many ways. One of the greatest events was meeting my tio Hector. At 80 years old, he amazes me. He is incredibly loving, energetic and positive. Every morning, he walks through his neighborhood and to the gym with the stride of an 18 year old. He was given a free-of-cost lifetime membership, because they felt his presence was encouraging to others that needed that extra push.

He has gained the nickname 'Animo', which translates to; "cheer up", "you got this" or "energy". As we walked to the corner tortilleria, you can hear neighbors greet and holler at him "?Animo!" as we passed by. He gives every being he comes in contact with, Animo. That's his medicine to share.

Through this tea blend we share with you all, a little of that same medicine. Containing fair trade Mayan Cacao filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Naturally uplifting your spirits with Peppermint and filling you with love, by heightening your endorphin and serotonin levels, through the Cacao.

Start your day with a cup of Animo!

-Roxanna Co-founder/Owner

Ingredients: All organic; Peppermint and Fair Trade Mayan Cacao (imported from Antigua, Guatemala.)

Net Weight 2 oz

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